Scruffy to sensational: A garden retreat

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  • Scruffy to sensational: A garden retreat

    A 2-foot-deep hole was dug to create a pond.

  • Scruffy to sensational: A garden retreat

    Finished pond is complete with liner, flat edging stones, and water plants. Flagstone pavers are set on a bed of gravel and sand.

"I attacked the crabgrass, rototilled the soil, added every amendment the garden books recommended, put in a watering system, a pond with a solar-powered waterfall, and a flagstone path. I planted chamomile and thyme ground covers between the pavers, and waited for results while daily plucking tiny crabgrass sprouts with a paring knife."

Now, Olson says: "I have become a gardener. I can't stop. I go out in the morning and find myself still deadheading at noon. I have even started landscaping around the mailbox."

The second step in the garden remodel was covering an ugly chain-link fence with bougainvillea.


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