Rolling stones

Regional: Bow, Washington

"With a view like this, there's no mistaking the garden's Northwest location," noted a juror of this hilltop garden that overlooks Puget Sound, designed and built by Hendrikus Schraven. "Other gardens might be overwhelmed by the view. This garden enhances it beautifully," the juror said.

All the jurors noted that superb stonework is one reason the garden looks so natural. More than 330 tons of rock were hoisted by crane up a 75-foot cliff to form the waterfall, pond, and curved rock wall. A rock firepit provides warmth on cool evenings.

Because the soil is rocky, Schraven had to bring in about 225 yards of topsoil before planting. Ferns, grasses, irises, and ground covers grow in the crevices and tumble over the rocks.

Designer: Hendrikus Schraven Landscape Construction & Design, Issaquah, WA (425/392-9977)

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