Mediterranean meadow in the Bay Area

This garden shows no fear of bright colors and strong architectural shapes

For bright color year-round, she chose unthirsty bloomers such as scarlet bougainvillea, drifts of yellow Jerusalem sage, and lavender. For shade around the periphery, she planted a locust, a pepper tree, and 'Swan Hill' olive trees.

For fragrance, she set an angel's trumpet in the entry courtyard beside a trickling fountain. "Its perfume is intoxicating, especially on balmy evenings when it wafts though the open dining room doors," Michele Maidens recalls.

Linda Schlein quickly got into the garden's sun-country mood. As the landscape grows, she tucks in more perennials that fit its theme -- with help from Maureen Decombe of Green Willow Gardens.

"This garden shows no fear of bright colors or strong architectural shapes," says Decombe.

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