Listening to your landscape

John Granen
This garden too a cue from the natural landscape

When a landscape designer tackles a new project, where does she begin? "In this landscape," Vi Kono told us, "I took my direction from two things: a mature stand of evergreens and a water table that was high in many places."

Together, these elements gave her garden in Redmond, Washington, four habitats ― wet shade, dry shade, damp sunlight, and dry sunlight ― and each one suggested a different set of plants.

Wide beds hold shrubs and perennials, including 140 kinds of hosta. Garden art and several well-placed architectural features nestle among them. "Every garden has to include places to go, things to see," says Kono.

Because of her high water table, Kono avoids using toxic chemicals that would run off into her pond and into a small stream that flows to a nearby salmon creek.

DESIGN: Vi Kono, Creative Designs, Redmond, WA (425/868-3035)

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