Kensington, california: A celebration of plants

Marion Brenner
New and unusual plants adorn this garden

Janet K. Anderson loves new and unusual plants. When she returned to her childhood home in the East Bay hills, she began renovating the old gardens, originally created in the 1920s. Anderson soon needed more help. That's when David McCrory and Roger Raiche began working their magic.

During the next year, they added more than 500 different plants to her collection, including bamboos, cycads, geraniums, palms, 35 types of sages and roses, and hundreds of other perennials and shrubs--all arranged in borders accented with handsome urns. "It's a remarkable collection of plants combined beautifully in the garden," declared a juror.

DESIGNERS: David McCrory and Roger Raiche, Planet Horticulture, Berkeley (510/849-4485)

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