Flying colors

Fabric panels hang from an arbor to create this magical outdoor dining room

Sharon Cohoon

Jeff has spent many summers in the Mediterranean region ― mostly in Provence, France, but also in Italy, Corsica, and Monaco. These places didn't just appeal to him visually; the lifestyle ― the leisurely pace, alfresco dining, and willingness to mix antiques with contemporary furnishings ― captivated him too. "We wanted a garden that felt like those places but that wasn't a literal copy of any of them," says Jeff.

"We host a lot of parties in this courtyard, especially in the summer, and everybody loves it out here," says Gena. There's one problem, she adds. "Sometimes people just don't want to leave."

Although Jeff created almost everything in the courtyard, including the light fixtures, you can adapt his ideas using a purchased gazebo and colorful lightweight fabrics.

DESIGN: Zischke Studios (480/483-9225)

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