Five separate "rooms"

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Design tricks

Let color unify the gardens. "I'll pick one dominant color ― red, orange, dark purple, gold ― then use that with liberal amounts of dark green and lime green foliage," Will Green explains. Lime and chartreuse also add light to the garden.

Use hedges as garden walls. Vine-covered lath panels also work to create a sense of enclosure. Don't let your garden rooms get too small, though; 12 by 20 feet is a good minimum size.

Provide for flow between rooms. Connect various paths to create a route through the separate garden rooms. Provide each one with an entrance and an exit; they do not have to be opposite each other.

Create views. Locate seating away from the garden's perimeters so there's something to look at ― whether a great container or wall fountain, or a peekaboo view ― on all four sides.

Hang a mirror. It'll reflect light and create the illusion of infinite space. In Green's checkerboard courtyard, an eye-level mirror is framed with vines that dangle just enough to keep birds from flying into it.



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