Backyard geometry

Create an inviting outdoor room with lush plantings, clean lines, and built-in seating

A garden shaped like a wedge of pie can be awkward. "It started wide and sloped away to a point," landscape designer Judy Kameon says of Timm Fryman's backyard in the Hollywood Hills. The unkempt garden also lacked proper seating ― Fryman had to haul a chair off the porch if he wanted to linger outdoors.

Kameon started the transformation by adding a well-placed patio with a built-in bench along the edge of the property. A grid of concrete pavers marches directly toward the bench across the lawn of St. Augustine grass, creating a compelling pattern from indoors and drawing attention to the area. "The strong diagonal line improved the long, narrow shape of the garden while adding a jolt of drama," Kameon says.

The usual approach with hardscaping this contemporary is to plant equally sparingly. But Kameon layered textures and used a variety of leaf shapes instead. The clean graphic lines against a rich vegetative backdrop create a fantastic setting ― as if the garden has been carved out of the jungle.

for Sunset's

Design: Judy Kameon, Elysian Landscapes, Los Angeles (213/380-3185).

Resources: Hoop chairs ($400 each) and side tables ($420 each) from Plain Air (213/380-3185). Federal blue and French blue 22-inch oil jars by Bauer Pottery Company ($500 each; 888/213-0800).


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