What to do in your garden in June

E. Spencer Toy
Here's what to buy, plant, and watch for in your part of the West

In most parts of the West, gardeners are entering prime veggie time; but, that doesn't mean it's too late to plant some edibles.

In Southern California, you can still try beans, beets, and carrots. In Northern California, go for corn, cucumber, eggplants, and more. In the Northwest, consider spicing things up with a few hot peppers. In the Southwest, why not try a pomegranate tree? And, in the Rockies Mountain states, try flashier vegetables like bell peppers and kale.

No matter where you live, it's a great time to start growing some summer herbs. Plant Thai basil and cilantro and you'll have plenty to use in the kitchen this summer. 

Get more info on what to do in your own region of the West:

Northern California

Southern California



Rocky Mountain states 

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