What to do in your garden in August 

Here's what to buy, plant, and watch for in your part of the West 

Colorful carrots

From left: 'Yellowstone', 'Purple Haze', and 'White Satin' 

Thomas J. Story

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In all regions, it's time to start planting for fall and winter crops.

In Northern California start your root vegetables ― beets, carrots, turnips and potatoes.

In Southern California, the Northwest, and the Southwest, think about broccoli and its kin (brussels sprouts,  cabbage, cauliflower, etc.).

And in the Rockies, go for lettuces, bok choy, radishes, and more.

All regions can grow colorful carrots like 'Yellowstone', 'Purple Haze,' and 'White Satin' (pictured left).

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