Supporting vegetables

How to support climbing and sprawling plants

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Broad-mesh plastic netting

  • Supporting vegetables

Cylinder of welded wire and tepee of bamboo poles

  • Supporting vegetables

Climbing vegetables (such as pole beans and peas) benefit from support, as do some sprawling sorts, including cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes. Put up the supports at planting time; roots won't have spread yet, so you needn't worry about disturbing them. Train or tie the plants as they grow.

1. Broad-mesh plastic netting attached to hooks in metal fencing stakes can support cucumbers, squash, beans, and peas.

2. Cylinder of welded wire and two stakes support a tomato plant with a minimum of tying. Reach through mesh to harvest.

3. Tepee of bamboo poles tied together at top supports beans planted beside poles.

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