Starting from sprigs or plugs

Norman A. Plate
Many warm-season grasses are sold as sprigs or plugs. Shown here are buffalo grass plugs; they ae planted about 8 inches apart.
Warm-season lawns are usually started from sprigs or plugs

Many warm-season grasses are sold as sprigs or plugs. A sprig is a piece of grass stem with roots and blades. A plug is a small square or circle cut from sod. Early spring is the best time to plant sprigs and plugs.

Sprigs are usually sold by the bushel; the supplier can tell you how much area a bushel will cover. The fastest way to plant them is to scatter them evenly by hand over the prepared area, then roll them with a cleated roller (this tool is usually available for rent from nurseries that sell sprigs).

Plugs are usually 2 to 3 inches across and are often sold 18 to a tray--enough to plant 50 square feet. Plant the plugs in the prepared area, spacing them 8 to 12 inches apart.

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