How green is your garden?

Take our quiz and see how you score

Plants for birds and butterflies

A female Anna’s hummingbird hovers at a bottlebrush.

Bob Wigand

  • Lewisia

    23 knock-out native plants

    Incorporating plants native to your climate means less water, less maintenance, and more wildlife. Here are our top picks around the West


What you do to your own plot of land affects the larger landscape around you ― your neighborhood as well as nearby meadows, deserts, or forests, and rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

How well are you doing as a steward of the land? Take our quiz below  and find out. Add up your points (1 point for each "yes"), then find out what your score means at the bottom of the page.


1. Paving


2. Irrigation


3. Watering zones


4. Water features


5. Trees for shade


6. Materials and furnishings



7. Appropriate plants


8. Lawns


9. Plants for wildlife




10. Composting


11. Fertilizing


12. Mulching


13. Nontoxic controls


14. Recycling


15. Soils


16. Tools


17. Watering


18. Weeding


How are you doing?

1-6: It's a start.

7-15: Good job; keep it up.

16-24: High five ― you're nearly there.

25-32: Congratulations! You're a true steward of the land.



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