Guide to low-maintenance gardening

From low-water plants to simple projects, our guide to easy gardening will make a green thumb out of anyone

30 easy gardening tips & projects

Discover quick fixes and easy, manageable projects to transform your garden

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Plant seedlings

Plant seedlings

Water each seedling before removing it from the container. The hole for each plant should be the same depth as the con­tainer and 1 to 2 inches wider.

Loosen the roots. With your fingers, lightly separate the roots so that they can grow out into the soil. If the bottom of the rootball has a pad of coiled roots, pull it off.

Plant. Place each plant in its hole so that the top of the rootball is even with the soil surface. Firm the soil around the roots.

Water. Irrigate deeply with a gentle flow that won’t disturb the soil or roots.


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