Guide to low-maintenance gardening

From low-water plants to simple projects, our guide to easy gardening will make a green thumb out of anyone

30 easy gardening tips & projects

Discover quick fixes and easy, manageable projects to transform your garden

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Start seeds indoors
Norman A. Plate

Start seeds indoors

For most annual flowers and vegetables, sow seeds indoors four to eight weeks before it’s time to transplant the seedlings outdoors.

Fill, sow, and label. Use small pots or cell-packs, and fill to just below the rim with a light, porous seed-starting mix. Moisten the mix; let drain. Follow the guidelines on the seed packet, and cover seeds with the recommended amount of mix. Moisten lightly, and label your containers, since many seedlings look alike.

Care. When the soil surface feels dry, spray with a fine mist. Once seeds germinate, move the container to a warm area with bright light. As the seedlings grow, thin out the weakest ones. About 10 days before planting out, harden off the seedlings by setting them outdoors for a few hours each day to get them acclimated.


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