Cool-season crops

When to start seeds and plant
GREEN VEGETABLES Arugula Aug.-Oct. Sept.-Oct. n/a
Broccoli Aug. Aug.-Oct. 'Premium Crop', Romanesco, 'Violet Queen'
Cabbage Aug. Aug.-Sept. 'Ruby Perfection'
Cauliflower Aug.-Sept. Aug.-Oct. 'Amazing'
Endive Aug.-early Sept. Sept.-Nov. Curly and broad-leafed (escarole)
Kale Aug. Aug.-Oct. 'Winterbor'
Lettuce Aug. Aug.-Sept. 'Dark Lollo Rossa', 'Lollo Rossa', 'Sierra', 'Tom Thumb'
Mustard Aug.-Sept. Sept.-Nov. 'Giant Red', 'Green Wave'
Peas Aug.-Sept. Sept.-Oct. 'Oregon Giant', 'Oregon Sugar Pod II', 'Sugar Snap'
Spinach Aug. Sept.-Oct. 'Tyee'
Swiss chard Aug. Aug.-Sept. 'Perpetual Spinach', 'Rainbow', 'Ruby'
ROOTS AND BULBS Beets late July-Aug. Not advised 'Early Wonder Tall Top', 'Red Ace', 'Winter Keeper'
Carrots late July-Aug. Not advised 'Babette', 'Bolero'
Garlic n/a Oct.-Dec. (cloves) 'Chesnok Red', 'Spanish Roja'
Onions Aug.-Sept. Sept.-Oct. 'Walla Walla Sweet' north of Bakersfield, CA, 'Buffalo' anywhere
Radishes Aug.-Sept. Not advised 'Cherry Belle', 'Crimson Giant'
HERBS Parsley Aug.-Oct. n/a 'Forest Green' for garnishes, Italian flat-leaf type for cooking
Rosemary Any time n/a 'Arp' or 'Sawyer's Selection' for cold climates, 'Tuscan Blue' elsewhere
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