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7 edible garden design ideas

Author and gardener Ivette Soler shares tips on growing the perfect kitchen garden in your front yard

Ivette Soler's secrets
Photo by Ann Summa; written by Sharon Cohoon

Ivette's secrets

We asked Ivette her top tips for an edible front-yard garden:

What's the one thing to remeber when planting edibles out front? Choose crops that have good foliage all season. Save mildew-prone crops for the backyard.

What are your foliage favorites? Leafy crops. I use lettuces to edge shaded borders, kale in sunny spots. Red mustard, purple mizuna, and arugula come up wherever they want.

What about the ever-popular but foliage-challenged tomato? I like small-fruited tomatoes because their fruit clusters are extra-ornamental and their foliage doesn't deteriorate too rapidly.

You have a lot of herbs in your garden. Why? Low plants knit everything together, making a garden look like a garden. Plus, you can let some of it flower to lure in bees.


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