Edible gardening guide

How to grow delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruit at home

Small-space edible gardens

How to grow fresh herbs and veggies in pots, pocket gardens, and clever raised beds

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Raised Bed Assemble

10 raised bed garden ideas

Get instructions for the ultimate planting box for your veggies. Plus: More ideas for raised bed gardens


Small veggie garden

How to grow veggies in 2-4 square feet

Tomato, basil, chives, cukes... you can grow a lot in a few square feet


Guide to Growing Vegetables in Containers

How to grow veggies in a pot

Short on space? You can grow a great crop in containers, too. Here's how


one pot garden

Plant a one-pot vegetable garden

Get 3 classic dishes from a single planter


Stylish kitchen garden

Grow edibles in boxes

This stylish kitchen garden deserves center stage


Small-space salad box

Small-space salad box

Build an easy-access planter


Best crops for pots

The best crops for pots

You can grow most standard-sized crops in containers. Here's a guide to the best


Greens you'll love to grow

Grow your own greens

Make healthy meals easy with garden-fresh arugula, chard, lettuce, and more. Get our quick-start guide


Raised-box herb garden

Raised-box herb garden

Easy-to-build wood planters provide perfect conditions for growing herbs in tight spaces



Grow vegetables in the front yard

See how corn, squash, and other crops look great in a front-yard vegetable garden



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