How to grow pineapples in pots

Plant pineapples in containers and enjoy the tropical fruit at home

Step A:

Step A: 

Cut off the crown, leaving several inches of fruit

Step B

Step B:

Leave several inches of fruit.

Step C

Step C:

Soak the crown in water for a day or two to absorb moisture.

Step D

Step D:

Fill a 1-gallon plastic pot about three-quarters full with lava rock. 

Step E

Step E:

Add 2 to 3 inches of redwood compost.

Step F

Step F:

Set the crown on top. To make it easier to gauge soil moisture, cover half the crown with additional compost. Place plant in sunny, warm location.

The results

The results

Paul Quong of Villa Park, California with his home grown pineapple

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