How to start a raised-bed veggie garden

New gardener Reed Davis chronicles each step, misstep, and big juicy victory as he turns a small patch of soil into a bountiful vegetable garden

The process, from prep to harvest
Photo by Reed Davis

The process, from prep to harvest

Davis and Fitzpatrick started the garden in spring, and the first crops ripened that summer. Rich, fluffy soil helped the plants grow their best, while the beds’ arrangement and a 3-ft.-wide gravel path kept the garden tidy.

Step 1 (spring): Set up raised-bed boxes

We choose five cedar boxes from MinifarmBox (, and they click together, easy breezy. For each square box, we stack three 4-ft. square frames. Fitzpatrick custom-built a 2- by 24-ft. box to go along the wall, with a mounted trellis for vining crops.


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