Plant two varieties that bloom at the same time to ensure cross-pollination.

'Hudar', early to midseason. Medium-size yellow fruit with juicy flesh. Excellent fresh.

'Luscious', midseason to late. Medium to large fruit with yellow skin blushed with red; sweet, juicy flesh melts in your mouth.

'Nova', midseason. Large round fruit can be used green or fully ripe. Self-fruitful.

'Summer Crisp', early. Small roundish fruit has green skin with red blush; crisp flesh is mildly sweet. Not quite as hardy as others listed here. Resists fireblight.

'Ure', midseason. Small to medium fruit with greenish yellow skin; flesh has good flavor when fully ripe. Resists fireblight. ('John' is a similar hybrid, but its fruit quality is not quite as good.)

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