A peach for the Northwest

This heavy-bearing, freestone variety is good for both fresh eating and canning.

You don't have to live in Georgia to grow delicious peaches right in your own backyard. 'Frost' peach thrives even in the cooler areas of the Northwest, suitable for growing in Sunset climate zones 3-9. This heavy-bearing, freestone variety ripens in August, and its flesh is good for fresh eating or canning.

Plant bare-root trees anytime from now to May. Choose a warm, sunny location with well-drained soil. The trees quickly reach 10 to 15 feet tall and wide.

Peach trees bear on new wood, so you'll need to prune off two-thirds of the old wood during the dormant season to stimulate new growth. Because 'Frost' bears heavily, you'll need to thin the young, 1-inch fruits to 8 to 10 inches apart to give them room to mature. Look for plants at nurseries or order from Cloud Mountain Farm ( www.cloudmountainfarm.com or 360/966-5859) or Raintree Nursery ( www.raintreenursery.com or 360/496-6400).

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