Edible gardening guide

How to grow delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruit at home

21 best crops for your edible garden

Our top picks for veggies and fruits to grow at home, from tomatoes to greens


Warm-season crop

Cantaloupes taste so sweet and juicy when fully ripe, they’re worth the long wait―4 months of steady heat― to harvest. We love ‘Ambrosia’ for its fragrant, extra-sweet flesh. But ‘Lil’ Loupe’ fruits are smaller beauties, each not much bigger than a baseball. Zones 2-24.

Compact early cantaloupes thrive in containers at least 18 inches wide and deep; a half wine barrel works well. Let vines ramble over the edges, or trellis them.

Find your climate zone and see how to grow melons


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