Edible gardening guide

How to grow delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruit at home

21 best crops for your edible garden

Our top picks for veggies and fruits to grow at home, from tomatoes to greens


Warm-season crop

Make room for at least one cuke in your summer garden and you won’t regret it; think of all those ways to serve the fruits―as appetizers (sliced and topped with deviled eggs), in salads, and cold soups.

Vining types ramble to 25 feet or so (or choose a bush type). We love the round, yellow, mild- flavored Lemon cuke, and the long, pale green Armenian cukes. All zones.

Plant 5-6 seeds in hills 6-8 inches high and 3-6 ft. apart. Thin to the 2 strongest plants.

How to grow cucumbers


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