21 best plants for DIY Valentine's bouquets

Create beautifully untamed bouquets using finds from the wild or your own backyard

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Foraged bouquet tricks & tips
Photo by Thomas J. Story

Foraged bouquet tricks & tips

Tools. Floral designer Max Gill uses bonsai shears to make precise cuts (he always has a pair in his truck’s glove compartment). He transports larger clippings in square buckets, and smaller materials in mason jars placed in a box.

“Wow power” foliage and flowers. In Gill’s dynamic silhouettes, clematis (pictured) spills, fruit-heavy branches arch, and hellebores nod. He also loves black chervil (for its fernlike silhouette), as well as blueberry flowers and true geraniums.

Maintenance. Giving stem ends a sharp cut before placing them in clean water and displaying bouquets out of direct sunlight helps them last longer.



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