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5 favorite violas

These cheery bloomers light up cool days with happy colors. See some of our favorite varieties

violas-penny white blotch
Gabriela Hasbun

What’s different about the 2009 offerings?

Traditionally, violas are mostly white, yellow, and blue. This spring, we’ll have 34 colors. And now we’re starting to put blotches on the flowers, like pansies. It’s like millions of little faces looking up at you.

Violas self-sow readily, and the results are pretty neat, since a lot of our violas are already hybrids made by crossing two different colors. So even if the plants self-pollinate, you can get different and interesting flowers. Self-sown seedlings show up in the fall.

‘Penny White Blotch’ This strong grower’s blotched face is a harbinger of more deeply blotched violas to come.


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