Three plans for colorful, easy-care spring borders

Choose the best one for your yard and plant now for summer blooms

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Flowers and edibles:

Who says vegetable gardens have to be boring? Many herbs and vegetables have especially colorful foliage that can create striking effects when planted among flowers and ornamental grasses. In this 8-foot-wide planting, lime green and purple basils determine the color scheme. For vibrant hues in the sunny border, we added red-flowered cuphea, blue-flowered salvias, a lime green ornamental grass, a bright red edible pepper, a purple eggplant, and an ornamental pepper with purplish black foliage and berries that change from deep purple to red. For convenient harvesting, locate the border near the kitchen. In-line drip emitters irrigate the border to keep moisture off the foliage. Plants get regular feedings with fish emulsion.

Use flowers of yellow, orange, and red to play off bold foliage in shades of green.



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