6 favorite floribunda roses

These prolific bloomers give your garden color over a long season with little care

1. ‘Iceberg’.

Holly Lepere

1. 'Iceberg'.

Snowy white blooms cover this bush.

2. ‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’.

Holly Lepere

2. 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg'.

Deep pink and cream blooms are profuse on this variety 

3. ‘Marmalade Skies’.

Holly Lepere

3. 'Marmalade Skies'.

Coral blooms come in huge clusters.

4. ‘Easy Going’.

Syl Arena

4. 'Easy Going'.

Yellow-gold blooms hold their color well.

5. ‘Preference’.

Syl Arena

5. 'Preference'.

Crimson blooms on a very disease-resistant bush make this rose a real winner from the coast to the desert. (It won the Golden Rose Award at the Rose Hills International Trials in Southern California last October.)

6. ‘Ebb Tide’.

Holly Lepere

6. 'Ebb Tide'.

The old-fashioned, deep purple blooms fill the air with a heady, clovelike fragrance.

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