Shrub roses

Favorite varieties and care essentials

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'Mister Lincoln'
For many, a long-stemmed red rose is the one rose to have. 'Mister Lincoln' is among the best, boasting perfectly formed buds, beautiful open blossoms, and a wonderful fragrance. And although many hybrid teas form rather ungainly bushes, this one is an attractive urn-shaped shrub.

'Peace' (1945)
This rose is so well known it hardly needs description. Full, ovoid buds of yellow touched with pink or red slowly unfurl to glorious extra-large blossoms with pink-rimmed yellow petals. A vigorous hybrid tea, 'Peace' has large, strong-growing canes; it can reach 4 feet tall and wide (even taller if pruned only lightly each year). Leaves are large, glossy, and disease resistant.

'Sunset Celebration' (1998)
This is a lovely chameleonlike hybrid tea, whose colors vary from rich peach to apricot-umber burnished with cream. It is the result of a cross between an unnamed seedling and medium-yellow 'Pot O' Gold'. The bushy, 4-foot tall plants have deep-green foliage and excellent disease resistance. The flowers are 4 ½ to 5 ½ inches in diameter with 25 to 30 petals in a formal spiral.


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