Roses for mild climates

Varieties that grow well in mild climatic conditions


'Amber Queen' (golden amber)
'Amber Waves' (apricot and yellow)
'Betty Boop' (yellow with bright red edge)
'Bonica' (pink)
'Easy Going' (peachy yellow)
'Hot Cocoa' (brown orange)
'Iceberg' (white)
'Knock Out' (raspberry red)
'Livin' Easy' (apricot orange)
'Playboy' (yellow, orange, and cerise)
'Sally Holmes' (or climber; single white)
'Scentimental' (red and white)
'Sexy Rexy' (pink)
'Simplicity' (pink)
'Trumpeter' (red orange)


'Altissimo' (single red)
'Berries 'n' Cream' (pink and creamy white)
'Cl Cécile Brünner' (pale pink)
'Cl Iceberg' (white)
'Dortmund' (single red with white eye)
'Eden' (pink with cream)
'Fourth of July' (red and white)
'Jeanne Lajoie' (medium pink)
'Joseph's Coat' (red, pink, orange, and yellow)
'Polka' (apricot and peach)
'Royal Sunset' (orange apricot)
'Sombreuil' (creamy white)
'Spice So Nice' (apricot orange with yellow center)

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