Roses for cold climates

Norman Plate
Varieties that grow well in cold climatic conditions


'Abraham Darby' (orange pink)
'Adelaide Hoodless' (deep pink)
'Bonica' (pink)
'Carefree Beauty' (pink)
'Darlow's Enigma' (white)
'Frau Dagmar Hartopp' (single pink) Hardy above 7,000 feet
'Golden Wings' (single light yellow)
'Gourmet Popcorn' (white)
'Harison's Yellow'
'Linda Campbell' (bright red)
'Mary Rose' (medium pink)
'Morden Blush' (light pink) Hardy above 7,000 feet
'Pink Meidiland'
'The Alexandra Rose' (single coppery pink with yellow center)
'Thérèse Bugnet' (lilac pink) Hardy above 7,000 feet


'Dortmund' (single red with white eye)
'Henry Kelsey' (red) Hardy above 7,000 feet
'John Cabot'* (rosy pink) Hardy above 7,000 feet
'New Dawn' (light pink)
'William Baffin'* (strawberry pink)

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