Meet the Indiana Joneses of the botanical world

Three plant hunters venture off in search of rare and unusual species

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Sean Hogan: West Coast adventurer
Written by Sharon Cohoon

Sean Hogan: West Coast adventurer

Owner of Cistus Design & Nursery (, Sean's preferred quarry is West Coast-adapted architectural plants: agaves and other bold-leafed growers that look like they'd wither in cold weather but are actually quite tough.

Home base: Sauvie Island, Oregon

Travels to: Northern Mexico, South Africa, South America, and the West

Memorable misadventure: While scouting in South Africa, Sean spotted some succulents that blended in with the surrounding rocks. Completely entranced by the plants, he moved in for a closer look, not noticing a deadly four-and-a-half-foot ringhals cobra, coiled to strike. "The snake was as well camouflaged as the plants. I jumped back at the last minute!"


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