Old Glory in a basket

Make a casual Fourth of July bouquet for a colorful centerpiece on your holiday table

Old Glory in a basket

Our sweet mix contains 3 stems of blue hydrangeas, 5 stems each of red zinnias and dahlias, 5 stems of white spray roses, yellow sunflowers, pale yellow roses, blackberries, and 10 stems of blue cornflowers.

Thomas J. Story

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Summer flowers come into their bloom peak just in time for the biggest party of the season ― Fourth of July. To dress up an outdoor table for a picnic, you can take advantage of the bounty by setting flowers of patriotic colors in a basket like the one pictured above.

Bold blue hydrangeas form the core of our arrangement. To fill the spaces around them, we used a luscious assortment of blooms in primary colors ― about 50 stems total. (If your garden can't supply all the right colors, use blooms from a market or florist.) For longest life, display the arrangement out of direct sun.

TIME: 25 minutes


• Three bricks of florist's foam (4 inches wide, 9 inches long, 3 inches thick)

• Clippers

• Assorted flowers (see list at left)

• Floral food

• Round waterproof liner

• Florist's tape

• Picnic basket (10 inches wide by 16 inches long)

• Three handfuls of sphagnum moss

• Foliage: eight stems of salal, camellia, citrus, or other long-lasting greenery


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