Nonstop flowers ... winter through spring

Winter is no deterrent to these gardeners

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  • In fall, after everything is planted, poke grape hyacinth bulbs into the spaces between heather and pansies.

    Nonstop flowers ... winter through spring

    Andres Drake

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1. Fill the bottom of the 21-inch urn or pot with commercial potting soil.

2. Knock the largest plant out of its nursery pot, rough up its rootball, then plant it in the center or back of the large container.

3. Set the smaller plants - still in their nursery pots - atop the soil around the first plant. Move them around to fine-tune the design, then remove them.

4. Mix 9-9-6 bulb fertilizer into the soil (follow label directions), then plant the tulip and daffodil bulbs around the periphery of the container.

5. Remove the rest of the plants from their nursery pots, rough up the rootballs, and plant them over the bulbs according to your plan. Fill the spaces between plants with potting soil; tuck in tiny grape hyacinth bulbs.

6. Water thoroughly.




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