Mediterranean herb garden

Plant your own based on our favorite varieties

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Mediterranean herb garden

Sunset's Mediterranean herb garden features old favorites and new introductions. Also see diagram on next page.

Thomas J. Story

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Mediterranean herbs are some of the most rewarding plants you can grow. Their leaves flavor everything from meats, soups, and stews to pizza and spaghetti. And the plants add beauty to kitchen gardens - many are evergreen in mild climates. Most tolerate drought and less than perfect soil (though they prefer excellent drainage).

Our Mediterranean herb garden, pictured above, contains some old favorites such as parsley and thyme, as well as newer introductions, such as conehead thyme (whose flavor is similar to winter savory) and Italian oregano thyme (which ― true to its name ― is a thyme with oregano overtones). All of the herbs are perennials except for parsley, which should be planted anew each year in fall or early spring, depending on the climate. Plant them in full sun, and water regularly the first year to get them established.


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