Decisions, decisions -- elegant blooms come in a host of sizes, shapes and colors

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  • ‘La Reve’ Oriental lily thrives in coastal climates.


    David Cavagnaro

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Species lilies: Instead of the typical trumpet shape, these lilies sport Turk's cap flowers with recurved petals. Humboldt lily ( Lilium humboldtii, zones 3, 7, 14-24) has golden orange flowers with maroon dots. Moisture-loving leopard lily ( L. pardalinum, zones 2-7, 14-17) has orange to orange-red flowers with brown spotting. Eurasian native Turk's cap lily ( Lilium martagon, zones 1-10, 14-17) produces up to 50 flowers per stem.

How to cut: Snip when buds crack open, leaving two-thirds of the plant to recharge the bulb for next year's bloom. To extend vase life, strip off lower leaves, and add a teaspoon of bleach and a pinch of sugar to the water. To avoid stains, carefully pluck off and discard gold or brown stamens.



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