Impatiens on high

Two fresh ways to use these handsome heat lovers

Peter O. Whiteley

Impatiens are among the most versatile of summer plants, taking to life in hanging baskets, containers, and lightly shaded beds with equal aplomb.

Their colorful flowers, in shades of lavender, pink, orange, and white, are so beautiful that some gardeners prefer to grow the plants at eye level. We show two ways to give impatiens a lift.

Fanfare and filigree

Fanfare series trailing impatiens have stems that reach 8 to 10 inches long. Here, ones with lavender and hot pink flowers fill an 18-inch-diameter hanging basket (sold as Imperial Hanging Planter from Kinsman Company; 800/733-4146). The basket has a coconut fiber liner and rests in a larger (36-inch-tall) wrought-iron planter from a nursery.

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