Create a bouquet of hydrangeas

Few summer flowers can compete with this ruffly beauty from the garden

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Fresh, ruffly garden hydrangeas are a romantic choice for wedding bouquets.

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Step-by-step:  How to make a bridal bouquet

In lightly shaded beds, garden hydrangeas (H. macrophylla) combine well with ferns of all kinds. Their large, snowball-shaped flower clusters come in pink, blue, and greenish white; just a few blooms make a bouquet. Plants grow to 4 feet or more.

Florists’ plants, the larger-flowered kinds usually sold at florists or in markets in 6-inch pots, are shorter, usually reaching 1 to 3 feet tall.

Hydrangeas grow best in areas where winters stay fairly mild, and they bloom over a long period in summer. Blue and pink flower colors are affected by soil pH― strongly acidic soil produces bluer colors; neutral to alkaline soil keeps them pink. More favorite flowering perennials

Getting started

What hydrangeas need

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