Create a bouquet of hyacinths

Easy to grow from bulbs, fragrant hyacinths are a fresh choice for a spring bride


This chic nosegay is wrapped in matching ribbon.

Christina Schmidhofer

Step-by-step:  How to make a bridal bouquet

Most gardeners know hyacinths as fragrant Dutch hybrids (H. orientalis), which grow a foot tall and bear fat spikes of tightly packed, waxy blooms in blue, yellow, salmon, white, red, or purple. These bulbs are typically massed in beds or pots.

But Roman hyacinths (H.o.albulus; also known as French hyacinths), native to the south of France, are smaller than Dutch hybrids. Each bulb produces several slender, foottall stems, each with loose spikes of white, pale blue, or pink flowers. They’re good for naturalizing and thrive in areas with little or no winter chill.

Getting started

What hyacinths need

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