Create a bouquet of callas

A lean, graceful profile make callas an ideal choice for a modern, streamlined summer bouquet

Orange dwarf callas

If you love color, try vivid orange dwarf callas.

Christina Schmidhofer

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Elegant as they are, the white flowers of common callas pale beside newer, more vivid dwarf callas. In the garden, colored callas make excellent border plants, and they thrive when massed in large containers (16 to 18 inches in diameter).

These beauties grow from rhizomes (thickened stems that grow underground); the flowers, which resemble fluted cups, come in soft pastel hues like pink and lavender, as well as hotter mango and orange shades that glow like candle flames. Plants range from 1 to 4 feet tall, depending on kind. More about growing summer bulbs

For best bloom, choose the largest rhizomes you can find. Flowers last two to four weeks on the plants, but are at their prettiest when trumpets are just opened. They’ll last several hours out of water.

Getting started

What callas need

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