Guide to low-maintenance gardening

From low-water plants to simple projects, our guide to easy gardening will make a green thumb out of anyone

9 super-chic houseplants

Striking shapes, sizes, and colors make them more spectacular than ever. Plus: Easy care tips

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Keep up with growth spurts

Keep up with growth spurts

Feed growing plants with a slow-release houseplant fertilizer according to label directions. When the plant begins to outgrow its pot (about every year or two), move it into a slightly larger container (about 2 inches wider). If you’d rather keep it in the same pot, prune the roots using this technique: Knock the plant out of its pot. Then, using a sharp knife, shave roughly an inch off the outsides of the rootball; don’t remove more than 20 percent of it. Refill the gap between the shaved rootball and the pot sides with fresh potting soil.

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