Guide to low-maintenance gardening

From low-water plants to simple projects, our guide to easy gardening will make a green thumb out of anyone

9 super-chic houseplants

Striking shapes, sizes, and colors make them more spectacular than ever. Plus: Easy care tips

Houseplants go glam

Houseplants go glam

Forget old-school spider plants. A new wave of unusual and dramatic indoor plants are as much decor as they are greenery. Although some can be pricey—ringing up at $100-plus—they can complete a room just as well as the perfect rug or piece of art. “Indoor plants add life and personality to an otherwise generic space,” says Caitlin Kreutz, horticulturist at San Francisco Foliage wholesale nursery. They’re an investment with great returns too: With the right care, many of these plants will live a decade or more.


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