6 favorite white & silver plants

Snowy-hued plants to brighten your home and patio

More choice whites: camellia
Jerry Pavia

More choice whites: camellia

Given regular water, these plants can last several weeks in mild climates. 

Camellia: Bloomers include C. japonica, 'Nuccio's Gem' (pictured), and cold-hardy hybrids such as 'Polar Ice'. Zones 4-9, 12, 14-24.

Other snowy blossoms include:

Crab cactus (Schlumbergera truncata). 'White Christmas' has flowers with spreading, pointed petals.

Cymbidiums. The long-blooming orchids are among the easiest to grow.

Kalanchoe. Hybrids and named varieties of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana come in various sizes. Tiny flowers grow in tight clusters above succulent green leaves.

Miniature roses. Buds open to small, perfectly formed roses among deep green foliage.

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