Fall planting guide

From dramatic seasonal containers to gorgeous autumn grasses, here's everything you need to plant this season

Top plants for your fall garden

Our picks for the very best bulbs, greens, trees, and more to set out now for a vibrant garden come spring

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In much of the West in spring, wildflowers carpet whole hillsides with brilliant blooms of yellow, orange, pink, blue, and white—especially after a rainy winter. You see annuals with willowy stems and crepe paper–thin petals that glow in sunlight. And you see tough perennials that have thick petals saturated with color. But you don’t need a roadtrip to find wildflowers—they grow in garden beds and even in containers. Buy a seed mix designed for your climate; an ounce of seed can cover 100 square feet. Broadcast the seeds over weed-free soil in a sunny spot, following package instructions. Lightly rake the soil to cover the seeds. Oh, and pray for rain!

12 garden-friendly wildflowers: 


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