8 fall grasses to plant now

Add year-round texture and color to your garden with our top picks


Photo by Thomas J. Story

Libertia (I. peregrinans)

It's really an iris from New Zealand—shhh.

Indian rice grass

Photo by Thom Gourley/Flatbread Images

Indian rice grass (Oryzopsis hym enoides)

Native Americans did eat its seeds.

Fountain grass

Photo by Chris Leschinsky

Fountain grass (Pennisetum orientale)

Seed heads as soft as a kitten's fur.

Pheasant's-tail grass

Photo by Linda Lamb Peters

Pheasant's-tail grass (Anemanthele lessoniana)

Coppery hues streak the leaves.

Common blue fescue

Photo by Linda Lamb Peters

Common blue fescue (Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue')

Named for one of Cher's sons? A modern mystery.


Photo by Saxon Holt/Photobotanic

Turkeyfoot (Andropogon gerardii)

Goofy yet historic—classic prairie grass.

Deer grass

Photo by Joshua McCullough

Deer grass (Muhlen bergia rigens)

Looks like pampas grass, but much less pushy.

Purple fountain grass

Photo by Chris Leschinsky

Purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum')

Don't miss those rich burgundy leaves.

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