Longtime favorite boasts large variety of colors and styles

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  • Ball-type ‘Crichton Honey’ dahlia produces 4- to 6-inch-wide flowers.


    Saxon Holt

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What dahlias need

Set tubers in the ground when the soil has warmed to about 60°.

Planting: Plant in full sun (afternoon shade in hot climates) and well-drained soil; mix in organic matter. Dig holes 1 foot deep and 1 to 1½ feet wide, and space tubers 1 to 5 feet apart, depending on plant size.

Lay tubers horizontally with growth buds facing up; cover with several inches of soil and water only if the soil is dry. Gradually fill in the hole as shoots grow.

Fertilizing: Mix ¼ cup low-nitrogen fertilizer into the bottom of the planting hole.

Watering: Once shoots appear, water regularly.

Pinching: Snip off growing tips when plants have their third set of leaves.

Winter care: In wet or cold climates, dig up tubers in fall.

Sources: Corralitos Gardens (831/722-9952) or Swan Island Dahlias (800/410-6540)



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