Longtime favorite boasts large variety of colors and styles

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  • Semi-cactus ‘Miss Rose Fletcher’ has 4- to 6-inch-wide blooms.


    David Cavagnaro

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How to choose: Decide on varieties based on flower color, shape, and size. Keep in mind that large-flowered dahlias produce fewer flowers than small types.

Dahlias turn their brightly colored faces toward the sun, so site plants where you can see the blooms. Use tall ones in the back of the border and support with 5-to 6-foot long stakes; use dwarf dahlias in the front of beds.

How to cut: Snip flowers often to keep plants producing. Cut blooms early or late in the day, selecting ones that have just opened.

Some growers suggest soaking cut ends in 160° to 180° water and allowing to cool for at least an hour before arranging.

Display in a cool spot and change water daily.



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