Choice climbers for Western gardens

Varieties to choose from for your garden

For mild-winter areas.

'Berries 'n' Cream' (below left): 10 to 12 feet; ruffled semidouble blossoms with swirls of rose pink and cream.

'Cl. Cécile Brunner': 20 feet or more; small, soft pink sweetheart buds.

'Cl. First Prize' (left): 12 feet or more; deep pink double blossoms; light fragrance.

'Kiftsgate': To 35 feet; small, white single flowers; sweet fragrance.

'Gardenia': To 20 feet: buff yellow buds open to creamy white blooms; light fragrance.

'Lace Cascade': 7 feet; cream buds open to large white blossoms; pleasant fragrance.

'Lady Banks' (Rosa banksiae): 20 feet or more; 1-inch double flowers in white ('Alba Plena') or yellow ('Lutea').

'Lawrence Johnston': 20 feet; large yellow flowers; strong fragrance.

'Mermaid': 15 feet; large, bright yellow single flowers with amber stamens.

'Paul's Himalayan Musk': 30 feet; shell pink double flowers; rich fragrance.

'Rambling Rector': 20 feet; creamy white semidouble flowers; pungent fragrance.

'Treasure Trove': 35 feet; soft apricot blossoms; strong fragrance.

'Wedding Day': 30 feet or more; creamy white single flowers tinged with pink.

For cold-winter areas. These roses are very hardy but don't reach titanic heights.

'Altissimo': 10 feet; blood red single blossoms with golden yellow stamens.

'Dream Weaver': 12 feet; deep coral buds open to ruffled, rich pink blossoms.

'Dublin Bay': 10 feet; deep red semidouble flowers.

'Madame Alfred Carrière': 15 to 20 feet; white double blossoms with pink blush at centers; musk fragrance.

'William Baffin': 12 feet; strawberry pink semidouble blooms with white centers and golden stamens.

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