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Creative jack-o'-lanterns, no-carve pumpkins, and surprises from the kitchen

23 spooky plants for Halloween

Who needs Halloween decorations when nature provides such bizarre and beautiful creations? Display these flowers and plants to add a little haunt to your house this season...if you dare

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Come hither
Aya Brackett

Come hither

Native to nutrient-poor soils, monkey cups (Nepenthes ‘Miranda’) have dangling pouches that capture and dissolve insects for food. “We call them ‘roach motels’ because insects check in, but they’re never checking out,” says Mark Pendleton, manager of Brookside Orchids. Pair the plant with Spanish moss, a cobwebby mass made up of tangled airplants (Tillandsia usneoides).

To grow: Try monkey cups as houseplants; they need bright light and daily misting.



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