Fall planting guide

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5 best bulbs to plant in fall

Our top picks for brilliant, easy-care spring color

Apricot daffodils
Photo by Kimberley Navabpour

Plant in fall: Apricot daffodils

What they’re like : Naturally yellow or white, daffodils sometimes come with a salmon, apricot, or coral corona (the cup in the center of the flower). They stand up to cold and are easy to grow.

Our favorites: ‘Apricot Lace’ (at left) has a divided, apricot-colored corona framed against a white perianth (outer petals) on 14-inch stems. For a salmon trumpet against yellow outer petals, try the 18-inch ‘Lorikeet’.

How to display: Pretty when massed in pots or combined with violas in antique shades of apricot and blue. Daffodils grow and ­perennialize anyplace there’s even modest winter chill.



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